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Greetings to all wayward and wondering barons or mayors! My name is Chief Antelino Balen, I am a pledged count looking for any mayors or barons who are still searching for a county to settle in, if my post interests you then throw me a mail and we can talk more.

If you are not of the aristocracy, fear not, you are also welcome here! Simply join up in discord and talk to me or one of my mayors about which city you'd like to join.

County and Leader Info:
Proport County
Capital City of Shork
Alright so a little about myself, I'm a pledged count currently pledged to serve Jarl Copin Balen who serves in the Kingdom of Vornair. Our kingdom is themed after vikings, also known as Joran. While the kingdom is heavy into RP, the duchy of Balen has no requirements whatsoever for any RP at all, so if you aren't here for that no need to worry. :)

The county will be situated with at least one city (my seat, the great City of Shork) on an ocean coast as my current duties as Fleet Admiral requires me to build the Duchy's Navy from scratch and I will be looking for many people who have a nautical interest to join up and work with me there!

Now, I know a lot of even the county level adverts have tons of lore and planning and jobs already planned out, however with how little information we still have (despite what we have already learned) I am not doing any heavy city/county planning until later this year or next year, my goal right now is just to find interested players that are looking for a home to call their own. Any questions you have for me can either be PM'd or ask me on discord, :)

Thanks for reading this if you did! I will update this thread with new info when I have it!

Chief Antelino
Clan Balen Fleet Admiral