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Welcome everyone

Who am I? Count Ivorr Hallvardur

Who am I looking for? - I am actively recruiting Mayors Barons and Tradesmen for the county of Raumsdalr.

Location - We are located in the Jarldom (duchy) of Erzhalden led by Duke Copin Balen. As for a specific or ideal location the county of Raumsdalr would be located in the mountains with access to great swathes of woodland and easy access to a large waterway. As far as ideal biome, anything but desert.

County Goals – My goal as a Count is to build and grow an active and prosperous community. I plan on doing this by focusing on the county infrastructure, maintaining an effective military and by helping and supporting local mayors.

Infrastructure – To me, Infrastructure includes roads and canals. Roads are super important as they connect all towns and cities with each other allowing for rapid travel weather it is by traveling merchants or a moving army rushing to defend an external threat. Good roads will also help keep thieves away as they can be actively patrolled to help protect travelers as they make their way to their destination. Canals will help bring water from nearby rivers and lakes to feed the farms scattered around a settlement.

Military – Each town weather it is run by a baron or a mayor will be expected to maintain a local military force should local bandits threaten the area or the county is called to war. As the count of Raumsdalr I will help the local mayors equip and train their fighters as needed so that we can be an effective fighting force when called upon.

Supporting local Mayors – Overall each mayor is free to run their town as they see fit but if needed I will step in to support in times of need. I will do this by helping mayors build roads, equip new fighters, and do whatever I can to help the local community's grow and prosper.

Religion – We don't have any set religion, each person is free to worship who they want or no one at all.

Vorn Academy - We are looking to start a branch of the Vorn academy here in Raumsdalr. So if you have any Interest in academics or in the medical field just send me a pm.

In closing – The County of Raumsdalr is looking for people and communities who are Interested in building a place to call home. We are looking for mayors and craftsmen, military orientated and trade orientated individuals who are looking to get themselves involved in a supportive and ever growing community.

Clan Lore

If anyone is Interested feel free to leave a reply here or send me a message on discord