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Pevensie County, a county within the Grand Duchy of Erzhalden, and nestled deep within the heart of the Kingdom of Vornair, is focused on a unique and elegant balance between economy and military. With a focus on achieving excellence in agriculture and military. The county sits in a harmony of beauty and perfection within its projects, from fertile fields, to stalwart fortresses; Pevensie stands as a sight for awe and wonder.

Pevensie County is focused primarily on economy and military, prizing most agriculture and conquering.

If you dream of rolling hills as far as the eye can see, grains taller than mann itself, animals grazing freely, look no further.

If you wish to join a conquering focused military group that assists in Kingdom and Duchy wars, priding itself in being well prepared and well trained, look no further.

The County Council is made up of two parts, High Council and Cities Council. The Council as a whole assists in County matters, and oversees what happens within the County. The High Council can be made of any members of Pevensie County no matter noble blood or lack thereof. All titles within County Council are given by merit, experience and capability. The Cities Council are a mix of members of aristocracy and their personal representatives.

High Aslan:

High Aslan is the Commander of the County Military: The Winterlions. Oversees military involvement within the County.

Maester Of Guilds:

Maester of Guilds is head of research and equality of guilds within the County. Oversees guilds within the county, carrying the interest of the Count and the Erzhalden Guilds System.

Maester Of Resources:

Maester of Resources oversees currency, taxes, and resource levels within the County. Keeps the Count up to date and assists with County wide initiatives.

Maester Of Culture:

Maester of Culture is the community organizer role within the County. Oversees religion, events, and assists in County Lore.


Ambassador is the hand to the Count, adviser and assistant in many County manners. Is often a representative of the County in national/international events.


Aslan is the title of Baron within the County, in a mayorship the Aslan, is nominated by the Mayor and confirmed with the Count. Aslans oversee Military involvement, and training within their cities and surrounding areas.


Magistrates are the legal representative of a city, act as a judge in Mayoral cities, or as legal help in Baron/Aslan run cities. Magistrates may also assist in Land management or acquisition in a Baron/Aslan run city. Magistrates are nominated by the Baron/Aslan or Mayor and confirmed by the Count.

Pevensie looks to be the home of the Erzhalden Naturalists Guild. We are looking for anyone who enjoys Farming, Animal Breeding/Taming, Cooking, Brewing, Alchemy, Tailoring, Hunting, and Leatherworking.

The Winterlions is a freepeoples militia and knights group within the County of Pevensie. Split into 3 groups.

The Shadowlions:

The Shadowlions are our spies, ambassadors, assassins and rogues. These are expertly trained and well-geared.

Knights of the Winterlion:

The Knights are the elite trained force. They are heavily geared, heavily trained. They are the royal guard and the veterans.

Winterlion Core:

Winterlion Core is the main fighting force and incorporates all members of the Winterlions, they are our raid/conquest group, along with our defense group.

Mayor Loketus Morningstar of Sanctuary

Mayoress Vega Hera of Zerzura

Aslan Quellen Strauss of Redmont

Mayor Andjetius Arcadia of Greyhest

Aslan Robert Orr of Orria

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Mayor Xerr Lycurgus Of Nicodemus Tabes

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Mayor Sesshomaru Higurashi Of Horaijima

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Aslan Pathora Leinhart Of Erebus

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Aslan Petyr Boswell Of Talon Tide