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Maester of Resources


Role Description:

   The Maester of Resources is charged with the monitoring and setting up of Trade Routes both internally between the King and Queen's Duchy and the other Duchies. This also includes the monitoring and setting up of external trades between the Kingdom and external parties, be they guilds or other Kingdoms. New trade agreements and issues of trade route protection will be advised to the Aesir for internal trade routes and include the The Dukes and Duchesses of the Round for external trade agreements.

   In addition to these duties it is the role of the Maester of Resources to track and keep the Aesir, King, Queen, and the Dukes and Duchesses of the Round advised as to the Quantity of Resources available in the Kingdom. They will be charged with tracking the known resources in the King and Queen's Duchy and working with their counterparts in the Duchies to gather each Duchies' information and report these metrics up the Aesir and ultimately to the King and Queen at regular intervals.

   This resource tracking will lead to appropriate Analytics which can be used to recommend best practices around Conservation (Renewables), Recycling (Non-Renewables), Goods Movement and Inventory Management.

   Lastly, to support the intricate inner-workings of Organizations in CoE, the Maester of Resources will serve to   organize and facilitate communication between Guilds on matters of trade and logistics.




   All members of the team are required to hold a Kingdom-first mentality. This means the good of the Kingdom takes priority over our own Duchy and our own County/Settlement.

   The Maester of Resources is a leadership position and should have the appropriate Leadership Skills as well as a certain level of business-appropraite Communication.

   Most importantly, to succeed in this role, the MoR should be a very Analytical/Logical Thinker who has familiarity with developing solutions and spreadsheets to augment their work.



   All members of the High Council are sworn to serve the King and Queen and will develop recommendations and best practices to aid the decisions of the Duchies of the Round.


Active Programs:

Future Initiatives:

  • Conservation and Recycling
  • Guild Standards and Evaluation
  • Disaster Relief (In collaboration with other HC members)




    Who is Lexidus Havenspire?

       Lexidus (not my real name) is 32 years old and a recent father of twin girls. My wife and I find every excuse we can to play boardgames and videogames when time permits. I have a degree in Information Sciences, Mathematics, and Linguistics, and do my best to follow the latest news in theoretical/particle physics and astrophysics in my spare time.

       Professionally, I have over a decade of experience with SAP LO-VC (Logistics) dealing with project implementations for large manufacturing companies around Variant Configuration, Sales and Distribution, CRM implementations, MRP (material resource planning), ABAP development, and various eCommerce integrations.

   Why this position?

      I have a natural affinity for spreadsheets and crunching data. Finding ways to optimize my gameplay is something I simply enjoy, so I figure I'd put it to good use for the Kingdom. Plus the King rewards us with cookies for good ideas.

   Who are we looking to work with?

     When it comes to collaboration, I aim to find like-minded individuals in terms of logic and reasoning, but welcome diversity in ideas and perspective to achieve the most fruitful results. I also need the kind of people who have intiative and ambition so we, as a team, can get things done.

   What kind of help will we be looking for?

     With the Maester of Resources role, you may discover that nearly everything in CoE involved resources. This leaves a lot to manage for any one person. Ideally, I'm looking for someone to take on the administrative responsibilities around Guilds, maintaining Discord, coordinating human resources to enact policies, be a 'second set of eyes', and share the workload that will pile on as time goes on.