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Role Description:

"The Chief Treasurer is for all intents and purposes the Kingdom's accountant. This individual will be charged with advising on the value of our currency, the Kingdom's assets, and its revenue. The Chief Treasurer will run the banks and tax system for the High King and Queen's Duchy as well as work with the Duchy's equivalent to the Chief Treasurer to ensure tax rates are consistent, fair, and in line with the Kingdom's finances.

The Chief Treasurer will work very closely with all of the various Councilors to ensure proper budgets are drawn up and that cost benefit analysis is being conducted in order to keep the various activities of the Kingdom at or under budget.  Budgeting, revenue, taxes, and banking will be advised to the Aesir for use in advising the monarchs for passing policies and initiatives for the Kingdom."


In addition to practical knowledge of the subject matter, the Chief Treasurer needs to have the leadership and communication skills necessary to work with a variety of individuals and organizations. Others working with the Chief Treasurer should have experience or knowledge in related subject matter. This could include; economics, fiscal policy, accounting, budgeting, tax theory, banking, etc.

The Chief Treasurer will incorporate financial expertise into the other polices the kingdom is developing. The implementation of fiscal policies and taxation will be governed by understanding of the game mechanics and should be a reflection of the culture of Vornair. This includes a “Kingdom First” mentality.

The Chief Treasurer will give advice based on economic principles that are currently believed to lead to the best economic development and growth of a nation.  Other concerns may become a priority and will necessitate an ongoing or temporary adjustment to the fiscal policies of the kingdom.


Current policies that are approved are the Fiscal Policy and Tax Policy.


The Chief Treasurer serves at the pleasure of the King and Queen after being approved by the Dukes/Duchess’ of the Round. The Chief Treasurer develops and consults on recommendations for the DotR based on known Best Practices. The Chief Treasurer is available for consultation to anyone with ideas related to our subject matter expertise.


Areas in consideration include; Banking, Currency, National Disaster Relief.

Taxation will need to be more developed as game mechanics and content are learned. Below are some of my general thoughts on taxes.

Taxes by their very nature are a redistribution of wealth.  The terms “capitalism,” “socialism” and “communism” are descriptions of diverse Political concepts.  We are NOT advocating for a particular Political concept here.

A good tax system should lead to the ability of the government to provide the supports and services that the people need and want.

The cost on collection of taxes should not be excessive.

The burden of taxes should be distributed in proportion to the ability of the tax-payer, i.e., it should be progressive in character.

Taxes should be levied at such a time or in the manner which is most likely to be convenient for the tax-payer to pay it.

The tax system should be fairly elastic.

There should be certainty with regard to the time and the amount to be paid to the government.

The system of taxation should be fairly simple.  It should also be easy to administer.

The taxes levied should be the minimum amount necessary for the government to function, as determined by the Dukes of the Round.


Who is Larry/Jack?  I am a senior manager in a Behavioral Health Center. I work with an everchanging budget and a variety of revenue sources and programs. A therapist by training, I expect to use both skill sets in this position. My "style" is much more of an optimistic and humanistic belief about people's capabilities for exercising free choice and making “good” decisions as long as they have the necessary information to do so. Good here is subjective. Sometimes your good decision may screw me over.

Why This Position? Like anyone involved this early in the project, I am invested in CoE being a fun game to play. As I perused the forums early on, I noticed many assumptions about the games economy and the “Best” way to develop and grow Cities/Counties/Duchies/Kingdoms and the “Best” way to run various economies in the game. Most ideas were interesting. Some made me shudder. I decided I needed to be involved in some way to help guide these decisions, as they will impact the game tremendously.  I don’t need to lead this and if someone more qualified wants it, I would be happy to be part of the team. Please message me if you’re that person and if you convince me, I will personally recommend you to the King and the Dukes of the Round. Short of that, let me know if you are interested in playing a supporting role. Which leads me to…

Who am I looking to work with?  Anyone who wants to develop fiscal policies in game at whatever level. I expect it will be mostly the Dukes of the Round and their representatives. Any Count or mayor wanting to brainstorm ideas on how they will manage their roles. Individuals interested in discussing opportunities they want to develop. Guilds/Schools/Nonprofits , etc.

What kind of help will I be looking for? Depends on the role you want to take. In Real Life, I say I want to work with people that are competent or Friendly and competent.  If you’re the former, we will find work for you “in the back of the house.” There is so much to do that it’s hard to limit this more than mentioned previously. People who like numbers and spreadsheets. People that enjoy Role play and communication/writing would be used to develop the “face” of this group. People that have an interest in updating our posts and communicating in CoE forums. In short, people that will make “good” decisions based on my above post and will not screw me over ?.