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County of Archion’s Landing

Capital: Dragon’s Keep

Count: Blackghost

Chancellor: Garen Dragonvirr

Lore and History of Archion’s Landing

The story of the Battle of Archion’s landing can only be recalled through its oldest records. The validity of the story is unknown due to it being one of the first entries in the county’s history.

Thousands of years ago, before the Kingdom of Vornair was formed and when Archion’s Landing was known as Thramor, the northern lands of Elyria were at war with one of the largest dragons the lands have ever seen, Archion, the Bringer of Death. Most of Elyria’s recorded history has no mention of Archion because for centuries he was in slumber. For centuries the men and women of Elyria had been harvesting precious metals and gems from the lands and for centuries they used these resources with no regards as to who it belonged to.

Upon the awakening of Archion he found the treasures that he had buried deep within the lands to be stolen by these weak and fragile beings who did not exist when he last roamed Elyria. Enraged that such puny races would dare to steal from him, he took flight to the skies and began releasing his wrath upon the land. With no defences prepared for such a force of destruction, the master crafters of Varathor (Renamed to be Dragon’s Keep) began its invention of advanced artillery built to take down a dragon of colossal size.

Balistas made to fire 20 ft long adamantium tipped bolts were produced in mass quantities and set up all around the county.  The skies grew dark as Archion approached, blocking out the sun in his path.  He dove down toward the ground; attempting to pour liquid fire down on the insultingly persistent beings below him. As the image of imminent death quickly sped down towards them, the siegemen fired hundreds of bolts into the sky toward the monstrous enemy before them. With the majority of the bolts having little to no effect, dread filled the hearts of those below watching. However, one of the last bolts managed to fit between two scales right under a vital spot in the dragon’s neck sending it crashing uncontrollably into the ground. Archion tumbled across the land leaving behind a giant wake carved deep into Elyria.

After hundred of years the foliage around the wake had regrown and the remnants of where Archion Landed had filled with water, creating Archion’s Lake. Proud of being the victors, Varathor renamed the county to Archion’s Landing and it’s city to Dragon’s Keep.  

County focus

Archion’s Landing serves to be one of the main defences of the Conclave of Aritaur meaning its primary focus is military strength. This includes focal points such as training soldiers, breeding war mounts, crafting weapons and armour, and constructing siege weapons. This being said, any and all other focuses are welcome.


County organizations

Champions of Dragon’s Keep- Essentially the inner circle of Archion’s landing’s army. This is a council made up of the best warriors and tacticians of Archion’s Landing and serves as command post of the county’s great army.

Dragon's Keep Aviary- An organization dedicated to the collection, studying, taming, and training of all birds. Currently has a collection of falcons, ravens, song birds, and faceless owls.

Flame Tread Mounts- A group dedicated to the breeding and training of all types of war mounts. Currently has a collection of ursaphants, war trisons, war horses, and battlecats.

Families of importance


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