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County: Bjergiseer

Main city: Yamashi

Current Count Sir Name: Yamahito

It is said you can never have two masters. Ultimately you serve one and fail the other. In Bjergiseer the true master is honor. Tie it to your heart every day you wake. Hold it close every night you rest. If honor is your master then the law will stand beside you and the impregnable city Yamashi will shelter you. If honor is your master then call me brother and stand toe to toe with me as we stare down hell.

Our largest export is the sweet nectar called syrup. If you wish to experience what Elyria has to offer then come and taste the spirit of Bjergiseer.

Yamashi will be nessled in the main mountain range in Bjergiseer. It will be located in the center of the mountain with three access roads

Taxes will be kept relativly low as the Count has forgone his money from the county.

If honor is your goal laws may be overlooked as long as you keep a working relationship with the county.