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Kingdom Military Policy


To identify a system for coordination and strategic planning for the military operations of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Military System:

The Kingdom of Vornair will have a Kingdom-wide military. Each duchy will be responsible for providing the leadership, logistics, supply, execution, training, and personnel required from their region based upon a Kingdom-wide standard that will be set by the Duchies of the Round and advised by the Military Council.

Kingdom level military campaigns can be suggested by the Military Council and approved by the Duchies of the Round via a 3/4ths majority vote or can be directed by the Duchies of the Round to the Military Council through a 3/4ths majority vote of the Duchies of the Round.

Military Council:

Each Duchy is required to provide a representative to sit on a council of military advisors. This council and its members will work to align and advise the Duchies of the Round on matters of overarching military standards, campaign planning, budgeting, as well as political and strategic direction concerning the Kingdom of Vornair and its Duchies.

The military council will be ran by the Hersir department within the High Council, who will work to coordinate, correlate, and vett the information coming from the Military council to be presented to the Duchies of the Round.

Votes of no confidence can be initiated by any member of the Military Council on any member, including the Hersir or their Department Members. A vote of no confidence and its results must be relayed to the Duchies of the Round for their awareness and action, if any is needed. This is to be used as a means of coaching, or improving the ability of this body to function. If any of the representatives on this council can not be taken seriously by the other members then that area is not being satisfactorily represented. It is important to be able to allow the leadership bodies an awareness when that is occurring and ensure there is the opportunity for improvements in this area.

Duchy Forces:

Each of the duchy’s forces are allowed to set their own military standards, so as to meet the thresholds set by the Kingdom. The political and strategic standards across the Kingdom shall be maintained by each duchy to ensure continuity of operations across Vornic forces when interacting in a campaign.

Tactical planning, operational oversight, and execution of strategic plans/objectives falls under the purview of the Duchy Forces’ leadership and breakdown. The leadership, capability, and strategic breakdown of each duchy force must be disclosed to the Military Council by the duchy’s representative to ensure that their abilities are being properly considered when developing campaigns, and advising on political and strategic plans.

Duchy forces have the ability to act within their duchies as their leadership deems appropriate, within the confines of the law, military standards, and political sanctions. Taking action outside of their duchy borders, without explicit consent from the Duke who’s borders they are crossing into or the Duchies of the Round (for areas outside of the purview of a recognized Duchies of the Round Duke or Duchess), can and will be resolved with reparations via the conflict resolution system.

Damage caused to a community member or group from actions performed by a duchy force, without the express consent of that member or group’s Duchy leadership, can and will be punished via reparations through the conflict resolution system.

Campaign Planning:

Campaign planning processes will only be initiated after a decision to conduct a campaign has been approved by the Duchies of the Round. Once approved, the Duchies of the Round will charge the Military Council with a list of objectives and delivery timeline. The Military Council will then construct a campaign plan that includes budgetary needs, strategic assignments per duchy force, and minimal contribution requirements per duchy. This campaign plan will then be brought to the Duchies of the Round for adjustments and approval. Once a campaign plan has been approved it is sent back to the Military Council to oversee, initiate, and enforce the plan. Any changes that have to be made to the strategic assignments of the campaign, over the course of the campaign, are empowered to be made by the Military Council. Any budgetary needs, or changes to contribution requirements from the Duchies will be advised to the Duchies of the Round for a decision to be made.


All duchy forces are charged with the defensibility of their duchy. When a request for aid is made to neighboring duchies, they are required to engage immediately with whatever forces they can spare in the defense effort. Additional aid requiring the engagement of the Kingdom at large will go to an emergency Duchies of the Round decision.

Defense measures are to be used for acts of war against our domains from external threats, internal Casus Belli mechanics do not follow the request for aid requirements unless the Casus Belli is from an external community.

Internal criminal elements are the responsibility of the Duchy Forces, and while assistance can be asked for from your neighbors in both of these cases, they have no obligation to assist.

The general intent that we should operate under as it relates to defending our community is that we are here to support our community members and groups so if they are in trouble / in need of help we should engage to support them. When it is possible we will lose community control or influence over an area to an external party / community, we are required to engage and support our community there to prevent that loss of ground.


Raiding, defined as the unlawful sacking of areas, is not allowed from our Kingdom Military groups. If our internal community groups wish to conduct raids they are allowed to under these additive guidelines.

  1. They are not allowed to raid anyone, or anything while flagged as a member of any of our community domains, or guilds. They shall utilize disguises, alts, or guilds built specifically for this purpose.
  2. For any raiding targets inside of our Kingdom’s domains, they will require explicit permission from the domain’s community leadership.
  3. For any raiding targets outside of our Kingdom’s domains, they will require explicit permission from their direct Duke or Duchess, and prior to giving permission their Duke or Duchess must have expressed their intent to the Duchies of the Round for the purposes of best understanding the potential issues.
  4. Any blow-back, residual damage to our community, or 2nd/3rd order effects that negatively affect our community can and will result in punishment to the raiding group via our conflict resolution system.
  5. As with any breaking of a law in game, if you are caught you will be punished so as to not cause a destabilization in that domain.

Spoils of War:

Material spoils will be divvied up based upon the spoils collected from a specific battle / objective divided among the individuals who participated in that battle / objective. For each individual that participated the spoils will be collected up then split evenly among each participant, then further dispersed to their communities as such:

  1. 50% of the individual based spoils will go to the individual themselves.
  2. 25% of the individual based spoils will go to the community ran settlement the individual came from.
  3. 15% of the individual based spoils will go to the community ran county the individual came from.
  4. 10% of the individual based spoils will go to the community ran duchy the individual came from.

This is done to incentivize our community ran domains to send more personnel to a given conflict or campaign above and beyond any minimal required contributions. Additionally it incentivizes the individuals of our community to participate in our community’s offensive and defensive military endeavors.

Titles and Lands will be divvied up based upon who was awarded the Casus Belli as it relates to titles, confiscated lands and titles will be given out with priority to the individuals who contributed to the campaign / battle / and objectives that led to the capturing of said titles and lands. Any lands or titles leftover will belong to to the nearest community domain to do with as they see fit within their domain.

Merit Based Ranking:

All leadership positions for each of the Duchy forces, the Military Council, and the Hersir Department are able to be filled at this time at the discretion of their direct community leaders. Once we get in game, there will be a standard for military ranking based upon merit. Those who show up and participate the most in the various campaigns, desire a leadership role, and prove their worth through recordable merit based systems will be offered and encouraged to take on higher leadership roles. Individuals who start in the higher leadership positions but choose not to participate in campaigns or other recordable merit based systems and are surpassed by their subordinates will be asked to move down to make room for those in their organization who have more proved merit to hold their role than they do.

The intent here is to ensure that the most engaged, qualified, and apt individuals are supported to lead our military systems, so that they can operate as efficiently and optimally as possible.  


There will be discord servers stood up for each of the branches of military for the Kingdom as a way of encouraging engagement, camaraderie building, and recruitment. There is no requirement for the duchy forces to join and participate in these discords, though it is recommended.

There will also be a separate discord for the Military Council for the purposes of operational security, collaboration, and liaising. Members of the Military Council are required to join and participate in this discord.

Once the game comes out there will be a standardized communication platform for the Military as a whole to ensure that coordination, and cooperation can be maximized as we conduct our operations.