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Rhyne Shield

Our Vision

The Rhynelands will be an NA-East Combination of 3 Duchies

I have backed for three Duchies as I have come very close to capacity for my current two Duchies and believe that if we can fill three it can only be beneficial to our Kingdom. The combination of three Duchies should provide for an extremely stable economic back-bone that allow us to drive one of the largest military presence on the server. I am very excited to bring this vision of the Rhynelands to fruition.

We are here to set the bar for what success looks like in CoE for a Duchy. We are meta builders, theory crafters, and guide publishers that will work to ensure that every member of the Rhynelands has what they need to meet and exceed their bars for success then set a new bar. Forever setting the bar.

While creating guides, metas, and theorycrafting is important to us in the Rhynelands competition is even more so, therefore we will be ensuring that we are publicly publishing guides for most, if not all things, concerning CoE. This is to encourage competition on our servers and ensure we have a reason to keep that bar rising.

About the Rhyne

Bred for war and hardship the people of the Rhyne are a coarse people. Over the ages their people have become as steel, tempered by the mountains they call home, the creatures that dwell there, and brutal warfare for countless years. They are strong willed and passionate, and quick to gut someone to protect their own. To earn your clan’s respect (not demand it) and be remembered in legend and story is the utmost honor to be bestowed upon a Rhynelander.

Stories of skilled warriors, ingenious engineers, masterful tacticians, world explorers, priests of great power, and even legendary potato farmers who it is said grew a potato so large that it could feed a pterroguin for weeks, and indeed a pterroguin did come down and snatch it though the farmer ultimately bola’d the potato to the pterrogruin’s feet. Thus the legend of the flying potato monster in the sky began!

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Clan Rhyne

Clan Rhyne holds the honor of being the first High Clan in Vornair. Its people are stout, brave of heart, clever, and honorable people. Their Sigil, the Fox: represents wit, ingenuity, and wisdom. These traits have aided Clan Rhyne largely over the years as military and civil leaders, strategists, and diplomats. Their lineage is passed through meritorious elective ambilineal decent.

Clan Rhyne founded and still holds the Crown of Vornair. They rule from the ancestral homelands of the Rhyne, appropriately named: The Rhynelands. Their seat of power sits in the city of High Revburgh in the County of Penrith.

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Our Military

There are three branches of military in the Rhynelands:

The Vaetfang of the Virtori Is an Order of Virtori Warriors, said to be blessed by the gods of their faith, both the Virtues and the Vices. Aptly named for Vaetfang means "Battlefield" which is where you will always find them. It seems more like where they go the Battlefield follows. This is the offensive military force of the Rhynelands and so long as they are supporting and being supported by this community. Where they are is the only place battle can be found in the Duchy. 

The Vaeringjar Guard is an elite group of honorable and loyal men and women dedicated to the Rhynelands, its defense, and the upholding of the Rhynelands law and order. The Vaeringjar are not only peace-keepers, but detectives, animal handlers, undercover agents, and for a select few, the King’s personal guard. While Rhynelands defense and justice is their primary purview, they will be asked to fight with the Heathens when needed.

The Draugr Fleet is a salty group of liquid courageous sailors, drunk master crafters, and tactically brilliant inebriated pirates. In real life the majority of us are a group of salty sailors looking to mix our real life experience with our PvP game experience. Ocean exploration and domination of the waterways is our main goal. There will not be a more feared group on the high seas nor a more secure way to travel on the water than with our fleet.


Our Duchy-level body of government is the Count/Countesses of the Round, which are filled by the Count/Countesses. This is a system in which the Count/Countesses all have a set amount of votes to be put towards a Duchy-wide law, policy, regulation, or initiative. The Duke/Duchess and their spouse has an equal weight to the Count/Countesses on this council as well as the right to veto. Our Duke/Duchesses are assisted in his roles by the High Council system whose positions are based off of merit and knowledge in their given fields of expertise, rather than pledge level. Our Count/Countesses are assisted in their roles by their own Count/Countess Councils. This allows the High Council to have points of contact in each County and keep the management of their respective areas workable.

Count/Countesses of the Round

The Count/Countesses of the Round exists only to make Duchy-wide decisions / laws. County-specific laws will be handled at their level by whatever means the Count/Countesses choose to manage them. So long as the County’s laws do not supersede the Kingdom or Duchy law or directly affect the other Counties. For further information on how each County will run it is recommended that you join our discord or our website and look at the County recruitment posts.

Each Count/Countess will choose a virtue in which they will strive to embody. These virtues are completely up to them and will be utilized to show what our Duchy truly values at its highest levels.

Until Land Selection is conducted, Count/Countesses within the Rhynelands are recruited and retained in a merit based system. Those that are active and clearly filling their Counties will remain in the Rhynelands, those that do not will be asked to find a new Duchy as we have a finite amount of Count/Countess spots. The Rhynelands is recruiting 36 Count/Countesses to be locked in at land selection and another 12 Count/Countesses that will not be locked in (ideally higher influence Count/Countesses that are comfortable not being locked in.). As of current we are sitting at 38 and in need of another 10 interested Count / Courtier tier pledges. Contact Adam Burrfoot on the forums, or Evelake Rhyne in Discord.

Currently there are 4 locked in Count/Countess and 6 non-locked Count/Countess positions open and being actively recruited for in the Rhynelands.

We are looking for people who want to set the bar for the game, are extremely competitive, and willing to help set an example for the other duchies in CoE to follow. We are meta builders, theory crafters, and value everyone within the Rhynelands as a contributing member to our success over all. We build guides and ensure they are shared so that everyone has the ability to not only survive in this game but thrive.

High Council

The High Council positions are appointed directly by the King and Queen. They may be given explicit permission to act with the authority of the Queen or King. All High Council members can submit laws, policies, regulations, or initiatives for the Count/Countesses of the Round to vote on, and will attend meetings to speak as the submitter as well as advise the King on their areas of expertise.

To inquire about any of these positions please join our discord and message anyone in the leadership. For specific information on the responsibilities of each of the roles, click the image below. 

Organizations in The Rhynelands

Click any of the images or links below to find out more about the Organizations based in The Rhynelands! 

Our Kingdom Website

We are a down-to-earth and grizzled group of players. If you are at all interested in our vision or our style, please feel free to drop by our website (link below), and register for our forums. Once registered join our discord server (link also below) and ask for your roles to be assigned. One of the leaders will verify that your account is registered on our site and set you permissions set up on both platforms.

There are a number of clan, tribe, guild, and company recruitment posts on our website as well so please head over there to check those out and see if you would fit in with any of them or perhaps you could be the first to head up a guild of your own!

Click the image below to start your journey!


Our Kingdom Discord

You can also just contact us on our Discord hang out with our people and get a feel for who Vornair is. There is only very rare occasions when the King is not the most active person on the Discord and he enjoys engaging with everyone who wishes to engage him. Everyone else is also an active and welcoming bunch. Plenty of company and people to talk to while waiting for the game and playing other games together.

We answer any questions we can on our Discord, click the image below to join up and hang out!

Our Kingdom Videos

Come view our Kingdom Q&As and other content we post to our Kingdom YouTube Channel by clicking the image below! 

If you are looking to keep up to date on all CoE information and enjoy delicious accents, watch the Town Crier by clicking the image below! 

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