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Culture The citizens of Aramoor pride themselves on striving to be the best at their crafts. Accomplishing this takes cooperation from the community as a whole to aid in research endeavors and to provide knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn a new craft.  Our community’s goal is to create an educational hub for research to allow crafters to reach master through legendary levels, thereby contributing to a healthier economy for the kingdom. Daily life here is bustling with happy, respectful, law-abiding citizens who work together towards a common goal to provide a productive and safe environment for the community as they learn to perfect their crafts and further their research to new heights.  Every citizen contributes no matter their standing in the community.  From the adventurers who bring us knowledge of the world outside the county and kingdom, the farmers who supply us food, the peacekeepers who provide us safety, to the visitors who speak of our accomplishments thereby bringing in new citizens who strengthen our community.  Everyone has a place here in Aramoor!   The Goals To be successful at any endeavor one must have a strong knowledge base.  Having schools, crafting stations, materials and all the necessary tools available for each citizen to attain a higher level of knowledge is how we assist our citizens in the success of their dreams. To minimize any potential threats, we intend on providing a strong guard presence and a barracks with a training facility to house a branch of Vornair’s military. In an effort to maintain a strong economic presence we intend on proving land space for a market where all citizens are able to rent stall space to sell their products.   Current Needs HUMANS!  LOL!! Seriously though, we need everyone who wants to assist in building a great community of high level crafters who produce high quality products to be sold near and far to increase our economic standing.  We can always get NPC’s to do most of the grunt work, but it’s always nice to speak to humans and get things done in a more efficient manner. All job positions are currently available, all you need do is apply!  And by apply, I mean… “Hey, I’d like to run X, Y, or Z.” For a full list of jobs, check the “County Career Board” at the Town Hall in the County’s discord channel.   County Organizations The Order of MaestersAn organization of members who will assist me with running Aramoor and Summerlin Grove in overseeing all aspects of county and city business.  Below is the current list of positions which need to be filled.  Some positions may change depending on game mechanics and others may be added later. Job descriptions for each position will follow shortly, but I’m sure you get the gist. Currently Needed Positions: Maester of Security (Head of Summerlin Grove Military Branch) Maester of Peace (Captain of the Guard) Maester of Education (Head of the Academy) Maester of Finance (Head of Accounting & Finance) Maester of Affairs (Editor in Chief at Newspaper) Maester of Entertainment (Head of Festivals & Activities) Maester of Agriculture (Head of Flora & Fauna Inventory) Maester of Community (Head of Community Relations) Vornair Citizen’s AssociationMembership in this organization includes those who are adamant about community and uplifting those in need and maintaining a safe environment for all citizens.  Welcoming new citizens and extending membership to them so they feel as if they are part of a large family is important to all existing members.  The Maester of Community is responsible for overseeing this organization.  Membership is not mandatory, however, it does provide certain… Perks!  The Daily DoveThe county’s newspaper will provide the most current news to our citizens.  Current events in and outside of the county, information on new citizens, new graduates, festivals and events, birth announcements, marriage announcements and anything worthy of sharing.  The Maester of Gossip is responsible for overseeing this organization. Council of AramoorMembership is restricted to Mayors only.  All Mayors are REQUIRED to maintain membership as long as they hold a position of power over their lands. The Forgotten ForestA sanctuary for all kypiqs who feel they need a safe place to exist where they won't be mistreated or harmed in any way.  They may live here in peace to further their tinkering or studies.  The sanctuary is cared for by Elder Aeon Airheart. To join or visit, come to the County of Aramoor discord channel. Kingdom:  Vornair (CoE forum post)Duchy:  The Rhynelands (CoE forum post)Capital City:  Summerlin GroveTitle and Lands held by:  Countess Amarria Starborne     The History of House Starborne Vol. 1 - The Twins As The Eye crosses the night sky, I am reminded of the stories my grandmother told me as a child. My favorite was the one of how our bloodline began. She told a great tale, involving a Neran man and a Kypiq woman who fell deeply in-love. Five summers passed since their meeting while studying with the Legendary scholars. They were married and shortly after, she became pregnant and both family’s rejoiced! To celebrate their news, the elders of both families met and agreed to secure land in a nearby clearing surrounded by Iron Trees. This piece of land was large enough to become a bustling city one day. The climate was primarily warm, a large stream flowing of fresh water and fertile soil perfect for the next harvest. Both tribes came together to honor the couple and the coming together of their tribes. Nerans raised buildings on the flatland while the Kypiq built housing in the inner rim of the trees to house the archers to protect the inner settlement. Knowing the archers were surrounding them above, the mother to be felt safe during her pregnancy. As the settlement was nearly done the Longest Night had completely engulfed all of Elyria. All preparations for the cold darkness were completed prior to building the homestead for the new parents. Next task was to prepare the birthing hall. Everyone’s focus shifted to preparations for the little one’s arrival. The master gatherer’s set out to secure the necessary items, the tailors made the necessary materials and the carpenters prepared plans for the required furniture. The birthing bed was constructed in the middle of the birthing hall, made of Pteroguin feathers, cotton padding, Iron Tree twigs, linens, Kypiq silks and the baby’s bed was made of the same and placed in the corner of the room. The elders placed all adornments and decorations within the birthing hall and on both beds, blessing each and every item separately and then the entire birthing hall was blessed. The doors of the hall were sealed with a ribbon made of white Kypiq silk. Finally, the elders turned to everyone and the High Elder spoke… “Until the little one begins to enter this life, no one shall enter the birthing hall!” That night they all sat around the communal fire to feast in honor of the elders for blessing the new birthing hall. Just then the Legendary Astrologer, Arkos, appeared out of the darkness requesting to speak with the elders. A look of confusion spread amongst all. A short while passed and they all came out with their gaze upon the expecting parents, then asked to speak with them as well. The couple glanced at each other then, agreed and they all disappeared into the meeting hall. After a long meet, everyone returned to the feast. The High Elder spoke once more… “We have just received joyous, but concerning news. Arkos, from the Guild of Scholars, has just informed us that due to the planetary alignments and timing of the little one’s conception, this pregnancy is a very special one. That being said, we all need to be vigilant in our efforts towards the safety of the family, especially during the little one’s journey into this life.” The next three months were filled with nightly feasts under the watchful eye of the archers as they welcomed travelers who were in need of nourishment and warmth. Welcomed knowledge from the outside world was provided by the travelers as gratitude for the hospitality they were shown. As the months went on more and more travelers visited, some even decided to stay. On a clear night, as all the stars danced in the sky, the little one decided it was time. Everyone came out and gathered in the communal square, the archers were on high alert and all guards surrounded the birthing hall. The elders and the grandparents were the only souls allowed within the presence of the little one’s arrival ceremony. As the hours went on, the elders chanted their blessings non-stop. This went on until the little one made an entrance. Then and only then would there be total silence. Just then, as they all realized the chanting had stopped, everything and everyone went silent. Then the most joyous sound they had ever heard, the cries of a new soul entering this new life. The hall doors opened and out came the elders with overwhelming looks of happiness as they announced the arrival of not one, but two new souls. Everyone rejoiced and lit the fireworks in honor of the new arrivals. A feast was prepared for the parents and all to enjoy. The next day a stranger came, same as any other, only… This particular stranger was a Legendary Alchemist who came with a gift at the request of Arkos. She was instructed to speak with the High Elder. Everyone awaited the response of the High Elder. His face seemed reluctant with the woman’s words. He then gave a nod of agreement. He gathered the other elders and they walked into the birthing hall. An elder opened one of the hall doors and spoke quietly to a guard. Walking away with an expressionless face, everyone wondered what all the commotion was about. He returned with a sack, tapped lightly on the door and handed the sack to the High Elder and then resumed his post at the door. A couple hours passed when everyone surfaced from the hall. In silence, they all walked out closing the hall doors ever so lightly. The elders instructed everyone to maintain vigilant as they had been during the pregnancy, but even more so from this point on. Everyone shook their heads in agreement as no one questioned any request from the elders. They all sat by the communal fire for dinner. The alchemist spoke to say that if she and Arkos were right in their research, in five years time, we’d all become privy to the fruits of this night. The next six months were the best they’d ever had during the Longest Night. The families watched the little one’s grow, everyone doted on them and the tribes both seemed to have forgotten the night Shenaya, the Legendary Alchemist, came to visit. On the day the little ones were six months old, the first signs of light began to show marking the beginning of the 3rd and final year of the Longest Night. By this time, everyone in the neighboring lands heard the news of the twins born half Neran, half Kypiq. One a boy with brown hair and light blue eyes and a girl with auburn hair and dark blue eyes. Everyone wanted to get a glance of these amazing half-breed twins. Travelers came from far and wide bringing rare gifts made of items from their native lands. It was a joyous time! The Longest Night was but a memory as it had been 4 years and 8 months since the twins came into this life. Aramoor and Amarria have grown to be very curious, adventurous and smarter than all members of their tribes. There is nothing those two cannot learn, even at this young age. The speed at which they learn is astonishing, even to the elders. The High Elder keeps a close eye on them both at all times since he has his two champion fighters at their side wherever they go. On the day they were to have their fifth year celebration, they were out amongst the Iron Trees exploring the wildlife, playing in the trees and being children… A cannis rabbit spotted Aramoor as he was chasing a Leffit, his favorite animal which he wanted as a pet. He was told by his father, “If you can catch one, you can have it as a pet.” Aramoor was so focused on catching his new pet, he didn’t even notice the danger looming about. Amarria being protective of her twin, was horrified when she saw what was to become of her other half if she didn’t act quickly. She took a deep breath while she slowly and quietly began her descent down the tree. As she placed her foot on the final branch before hopping down from the tree, the branch cracked and she froze! Eyes fixated on the cannis rabbit who was now alerted to her presence. Amarria’s eyes grew wide when the cannis rabbit turned his eyes back onto her twin as he was about to pounce on him. Amarria screamed as the cannis rabbit leaped towards her brother’s back, she drew her hand out… As the guards were prepared to put arrows into the cannis rabbit’s torso, what they saw next stopped them in their tracks. Amarria’s hand reaching for her brother and Aramoor turning to see what his sister was so in fear of, their eyes began to glow simultaneously as the rabbit froze in mid air and Aramoor vanished! The guards couldn’t believe what their eyes were showing them. They quickly snapped out of it and rushed the children back to the clearing. The children were escorted to their parents, the guards told the High Elder what they just witnessed and the elders rushed through the horde of visitors and family who were all there to celebrate the children’s fifth year. In speaking with the parents, the elders decided that Arkos and Shenaya must stay indefinitely to aid in understanding what was happening with the twins. “For now, no one is to know of this and the party will go on as planned.”, said the High Elder. The rest of the day went on happily with no one the wiser of the events which transpired in the woods earlier. As far as everyone was concerned, the twins came into close contact with a cannis rabbit while Aramoor was trying to catch a Leffit. The guards took care of it and the twins were slightly traumatized. That was the extent of the explanation given to the rest of the tribe and the visitors. That next day, the parents, elders along with Arkos and Shenaya met in the meeting hall to discuss the situation. As far as Arkos could tell, something was happening with the stars during the pregnancy that he’d never seen before or even read about. The night of the birth, there was an immediate shift in the direction of the planets that has never happened in all his years of research and study. After he left the village the night of his visit, he sent word to Shenaya to meet with him as soon as she could get there. He explained what was happening with the stars at the time and she wasn’t surprised but appeared to be very excited. During her travels, she met a group of nomads who traveled through all the lands. They told a tale of mixed breed twins, boy and girl, who would bring untold abilities to these lands. But said nothing more, except this… Upon the next day, after they have had time to rest from their entry into this life, but not a minute more. They are to bathe in the mixture of one phoenix egg, the powder of eight Iron Tree leaves and a half jar of cardinal bee’s honey heated enough to keep the children warm. While they bathe, the High Elder from each tribe must bless the mixture until it cools almost too cold for the little ones, then remove them. Once they have been removed, the High Elders should sprinkle the dust of the phoenix egg shell into the bath. If the bath turns to flames, then they are the twins who we have spoken of. I have committed these words to paper for the preservation of my family’s history as I fear one day my memory shall fade and I will no longer have these stories to pass on. Now all future generations will know of the rich history from which they have come. Of how our family, House Starborne, came to be known for housing the most sought-after knowledge, being the most generous during the Longest Night and providing shelter to the travelers who needed warmth. It is because of the travelers spreading word of our deeds that our settlement has become a county which I named after Aramoor, the first-born twin. My mother named me after the second born twin, Amarria, because I was born on the same day as she, except I didn’t have a twin nor was I born during the Longest Night. This is the story of how Summerlin Grove, over many centuries, grew into the great County of Aramoor. The twins grew up to do great things and assisted others into this life as they once were, but that is a tale for another day.