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The purpose of this Directive is to provide a clear expectation upon those in the Vornair community who wish to participate in activities of a clandestine nature. This will include: acceptable and unacceptable targets, how these targets are determined, structure and purpose of the Crows Council, and protection of individuals/communities who commit clandestine actions.


Vornair Community Members


Clandestine Actions:

Actions taken that violate the Vornic Civil Laws Policy or actions determined to be criminal within Chronicles of Elyria by game mechanics.

Crows Council:

This council will be composed of a single representative selected by each approved Duchy within the Duchies of the Round. The High Ravencaller will oversee this council as chair and as an official representative of the High Council to ensure that the Kingdoms interests are being upheld.

Vornair Members:

Individuals who have met the requirements needed to become a member of the Vornair community as determined by the Duchies of the Round.


Non-Vornair Members may be declared or claimed as friendly by any Vornair Member by simple notification to the Non-Vornair Member’s local leader. Friendly status may be revoked by the Vornair Member that declared or claimed them as friendly at will effectively returning the Non-Vornair Member to Neutral. As per inheritance of community membership status of that duchy.


Individuals not currently declared as hostile or friendly default to neutral.


Non-Vornair Neutral Members may be declared or claimed as hostile by the local leader by simple notification to their local leader. Hostile status may be revoked by the local leader at will effectively returning the Non-Vornair Member to Neutral. As per inheritance of community membership status of that duchy.

Local Leader:

Vornair Member at the lowest level of the hierarchy.

DoTR > Duke > Count > Mayor(ess)/Baron(ess) > Organization Leader > Family Member

Maintained by

High Ravencaller


  1. Targets for Clandestine Action

This section details what is an acceptable target and what is an unacceptable target for Clandestine Action. This is to ensure that the appropriate measures are being brought to bare against hostile communities while ensuring that Clandestine Action is not being used against approved members of the vornair community or those that are determine to be neutral communities.  

    1. Targets for acceptable Clandestine Action

      1. Hostiles
        1. Clandestine Actions that cross duchy lines requires consent of all dukes involved.
      2. Any target is viable as determined by local leadership.
  1. Punishment for unacceptable Clandestine Action

    1. Could result in being removed from the vornair community as determined by local level leadership.
    2. Any disputes are brought to the Crows Council for review and then brought to the DoTR if necessary by the High Ravencaller.
  2. Crows Council

    1. Purpose

      1. To appraise and advise in order to ensure that Clandestine Actions are being conducted under the guidelines of this document. Recommend amendments to the this policy.
        1. Selection
          1. Each duchy will have one seat on the Crows Council
          2. Each seat is afforded 1 vote.
          3. Each Duke/Duchess may assign a representative in their stead at will.
        2. Each Duke/Duchess may attend any meeting they wish.
        3. Only one vote per duchy even if both a representative and their duke is in attendance.
        4. Council will be overseen by High Ravencaller.
        5. High Ravencaller does not and may not possess a vote or seat and cannot be removed from this council.
      2. For a vote to pass, an absolute majority in favor of the decision must be made.
  3. Protection of individuals who commit clandestine actions

    1. Confidentiality of Identities

      1. Individuals & communities discussed during disputes are to be kept confidential as per the Kingdom Confidentiality policy.
    2. Immunity for operatives involved in clandestine operations

      1. This does not guarantee immunity to systems of punishment in game.
      2. Clandestine Action that is in compliance with policy will not result in being removed from the community by local leadership.