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The County of Evermore


Evermore is a county within the Rhynelands, the king’s duchy, in Vornair. A county in which it’s citizens take great pride in the production classes. Stonecutters, leatherworkers or even herbalists all are welcome here. Production is the main focus of the county.

Count of Reverence

Count Kerron Horsfall resides in the settlement of Morata. At times he's savvy, whimsical, happy and perhaps a little too foolish. But this is all just a facade, a mechanism to deal with his position. He will improve upon existing powers and is making many new friends. Alongside great friends, he loves life in a wild world. But with his perseverance and persistence, there's nothing to stop him from accomplish all goals.

Countess Madeleine Rhyne has caught the eye of the count and is currently being courted. They met through the passions both families shared with horses.

Come join us

Evermore is a county full of opportunity for players that want to enjoy playing CoE the way they would like, with support from their count. We’re looking for citizens that want to help create and mold the stories within this world. Crafters of all walks of life is welcomed and needed.

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Adventure’s Guild

Last Call Association

Leader's Titles

Count of Evermore

Mayor of Morata


Count of Reverence


The Rhynelands

Head of House

Kerron Horsfall