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Serenwar is a 2x county located in The Stormlands. Our priorities for domain selection are: forests, coastline, and mountain access. The primary goal of the county is to provide an environment for communities to grow and pursue their individual goals. Each mayor has a great deal of autonomy, provided that they maintain a stable and self-sufficient community.The county is managed by the Council of Mayors, presided over by the current head of House Dawnstar, Count Anuvrix.     Lore: The Star of the Dawn   Citizens: There is a place for all in Serenwar. Each settlement in has its own culture and focus, requiring people from all walks of life as well as specialists to support their goals.     Settlements: Serenwar The seat of power for the county of its namesake, Serenwar City is the hub around which the county life turns. From the Housing Districts to the Shipyards, the Merchant's Quarter to the walls of Gaer Cyfnos, the city teems with life. Notable organizations include: The Stormland's Architect and Shipwright Society, The Stormland's School of Architecture and Engineering, and Horizon Enterprises. While Serenwar city seeks all people of all types, it is focused on bringing in craftsmen, guildhalls, and schools to foster the economic and intellectual growth of the region. Gaer Cyfnos The Duskfort is the sword that defends the county, the shield on which enemies break, and the bastion of martial prowess. The war rooms in its keep oversee all military activity in the region. It is situated directly adjacent to the City of Serenwar to serve as a safe haven in the face of danger. The fortress also serves as the base of operations for the mercenary company Black Sun, Serenwar's official military and law enforcement. Gaer Cyfnos is looking for dedicated warriors, archers, siege workers, and craftsmen to support them. Askival The city of adventurers, dedicated to exploring the forgotten secrets of Serenwar and beyond. Askival provides a beacon amidst the ever-growing night. Safety and comfort can be found in its inns, drink and merriment is had in the taverns, and challenge and danger stalks the shadows that surround it. People of all shades can be found here; resting from their latest expeditions. A steady supply of weary adventures, laden with spoils, provide countless opportunities for enterprise. Välstånd This community of masons, carpenters, and skilled workers supply the county with the resources needed to fuel it's growth. Välstånd stone can be found in any castle in The Stormlands and is the literal foundation upon which its defenses stand. The Lumberyards tirelessly work to supply Vornish shipyards with the materials they need to maintain our naval might. The production of construction materials is spearheaded by Morning Wood Industries. Välstånd seeks craftsmen, merchants, and entrepeneurs of all levels of skill. It is tough work, but well rewarded. Myrkvior Originally a trading post for local fur traders, this town has become a converging point for hunters throughout the region. Each night the taverns are filled with tales of exploits that border on the mythic and the trophies which prove them true. Myrkvior can be called home by any with a tale to share or a hide to trade. Myrkvior is open to any who are hardy enough to survive the wilderness surrounding and to brave the creatures who lie within. Hunters, rangers, and leatherworkers looking for work or to trade are especially welcome. Open Mayor/Baron Slots: 2 Contact Us: The Serenwar Discord Server