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COUNT:  Ruthgar Rugharin


The County of Bragen Vale is the historical land of Clan Rugharin located in the Conclave of Aritaur, a Duchy of the Kingdom of Vornair. The county was founded by Ragn'or a few years after he and his followers and all of their surviving family members joined the burgeoning lands that would become the Kingdom of Vornair and the Conclave of Aritaur as they are now known. He chose the area to settle that he did to encourage the vision he had for his descendents and all who would join them, a vision of strength, dependability, and knowledge. As time went on this vision led many members of the county to be leaders in industry, military, and even politics.

Currently Bragen Vale encourages it's people to advance the skills of their favored trade, however they due tend to favor more those whom are involved in the acquistion of knowledge. To this matter those who are explorers of the land, and skilled researchers of their trade might find some extra assistance provided to them from the county leadership.

Historically, the people of the Vale have been seen as both thinkers and a source of strength for many throughout the Kingdom. Often though this strength is not seen physically, though many of the county do have this and more, but rather in their morals and their will. Those who exemplify this spirit of strength no matter their rank or position will often be recognized for their dedication.

While it has been said before that those who are explorers and tradesmen have a place in the county, there is also a place for those who want to fight for the county and the Kingdom. It matters not if you just want to help guard one of the towns, or work as a soldier in the frontlines of any battles that the Kingdom participates in.

All are welcome in the County of Bragen Vale, provided you keep to the laws of the Kingdom and the land, it matters not where your skills and desires lie. It is currently the preference of the county leadership to encourage research and exploration in all aspects, but what the leadership encourages will change depending on the needs of the county, the Conclave, and the Kingdom.


For now the planned structure will be an advisory council composed of one person from every settlement within the county.  While the nature of this council is to be advisory in nature only to the count any leadership positions that are developed or become available within the county will be offered to members of the advisory council first, or to whom they recomend.


While the county will strive to support any trade or profession that is practised within its' borders, the primary focus for Bragen Vale will be the matters of exploration and research.  By that it is meant that all of our information (maps, scrolls, books, etc..) will be kept as up to date as possible on all matter of things, but not at the cost of maintaining the safety of our county.  The second focus of the county is as stated to maintain it's safety and security, and at time that will also mean going outside of it to defend the Duchy and the Kingdom as well.  The final focus is to ensure the free trade and profitability of the County.


Bragen Vale is currently planned to be located is the southern area of the Duchy, in the secondary ring of counties, just inside the outer ring.  It was planned this way so that should enemy kingdom troops manage to break through the outer counties, our reinforcements (not counting those that have already joined the front lines) can either go to defend the heart of the duchy, help form a secondary line of defense, or become part of the wall to slow the enemy down from trying to surge through our duchy bypassing its' center as they try to invade the heart of the kingdom itself.  Otherwise the location is fairly good for trade throughout the duchy and the rest of the kingdom, and does offer foreign trade as well.  Not too mention the opportunity for exploration.


Well, as the county name is Bragen Vale, a mountain valley of sorts would be the prefered biome of choice, though we would make do with what's available.  Currently there is no specific Tribe Preferance.

We are currently looking for:





How to join:

Join the Conclave of Aritaur discord and ask for Ruthgar or message me directly on the forum.