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Eastmarch County is a large maritime county, situated on the North East coast of the continent, forming part of the greater Conclave of Aritaur duchy, in the Kingdom of Vornair. With an economic focus as a major East coast port running into the Duchy, Eastmarch is intended to be highly law abiding with considerable investment in security, as well as unrivalled investment into high quality roads, harbour infrastructure and warehousing. 


Rather than operating as the final destination for many goods, Eastmarch seeks to capture value through high quality servicing of trade (including ship harbour facilities, warehousing, taverns and inns, high quality and safe roads to key trade destinations). Additionally, this has the benefit of providing access to the import/export market for purveyors of exotic goods.


Domestically, much of the county is set up to support the prime location as a trade hub, with considerable exposition investment intended for infrastructure. The larger land mass of the county will support renewable resources, particularly through custodianship of the large wooded estates for sustainable forestry and hunting.


For more information, please contact Count Thomas Farrister (Discord mojomonkey#4028), or Lord Aedyn Farrister (Discord Wolff#0569)


Strategic Goal and Vision

Within the county, there are 4 goals:


  • Blending sea and land trade, to operate as a key HQ for East Coast trade,
  • Develop infrastructure to support passing trade, adding value through high quality facilities and making trade easy,
  • Build complex structures that ‘stand the test of time’, including Castles or Keeps to provide key defence,
  • Cultivate renewable resources, in a sustainable way.


Eastmarch also supports the strategic vision of the Coast of Aritaur duchy, by:


  • Importing rare or exotic resources,
  • Providing expert ship captains and crew,
  • Leading research on astronomy and navigation,
  • Developing food and wood renewable resources.


Lore and History

The iconic rolling ridgeline and coniferous forests of Eastmarch County are well known in the East of Vornair. Eastmarch, formed long ago by the joining of the Wolfgar clan and Farrister family, is steeped in history. The Brudvir Wolfgar, represented by the Wolf in wood carvings scattered around the county, are to this day known as the Blade of Fealty; their trustworthiness, honour, and loyalty legendary in the North. The Hrothi Farristers’ role in security and stability are depicted by the Otter Bear in stone statues that can be seen when wandering the domain. The collaboration of the two families following an especially long winter, many decades ago, resulted in the combining of their knowledge and resources, joining the ancestral lands together to create Eastmarch.

A key figure in the history of Eastmarch is Drem Farrister, a particularly noted Virtori devout. Under Drem Farrister’s leadership, much of Eastmarch was encouraged to live more virtuous lives, and the surge in diligent miners brought economic prosperity to the county. Drem’s notorious charity also brought many traders to the delving city of Vahlok, particularly during the longest night, and to this day many of those historic trade routes still exist. Perhaps the best known story of Drem Farrister is that of his final days - terribly afflicted by disease, and having witnessed through his charitable work the horrifying effects this could have if spread to others, Drem set his affairs in order and rowed out to the ocean, alone, to spare his fellow mann. Many of the delvings in Eastmarch now carry the name Drem, partly in reverence, but mostly as an aspiration and reminder to residents, to live such a virtuous life as Drem Farrister.

The city of Drem Vahlok grew much in the following years, through continued prosperity of trade routes, and the rise of the Virtori religion. As the power and wealth of the resident priests grew, devotion to the seven virtues diminished, with much of the clergy stumbling into greed, gluttony, sloth, and lust. Many Eastmarch residents believe that the Searing Plague may have been caused due to the imbalance of virtues and decadence displayed at the time, known as the ‘Irreverence’. 

The Searing Plague crisis was the catalyst for action. As Johan Farrister succumbed to the effect of plague, his son Lars vowed to his people a return to the devout teachings of the Virtori faith. Forming the Order of the Cosmos, Lars marshalled nurses and clerics across Eastmarch to give aid to the suffering, and led a bloodless purification of the clergy - replacing the decadent with new virtuous priests. 

Subsequently, Eastmarch has continued in quiet toil, nurturing a reputation across the Coast of Aritaur as a key trade hub. Many of the Brudvir continue in the traditions of the Wolfgar clan as custodians of the forest land, sustainably caretaking the flora and fauna. The knights of the Order of the Cosmos are widely known across the county, with religious clerics and paladins furthering knowledge, championing the virtues, and maintaining the rule of law. 

The incumbent Count, Thomas Farrister, whilst pledging to maintain a Virtori way of life, has signalled the next chapter in the story, with bold plans to grow maritime and inland trade, develop renewable resources, capitalise on the expert  builders and architects to construct buildings that stand the test of time, and conduct research into astronomy and navigation. 

Tribes, Culture and Religion

Due to the location of Eastmarch County, the primary traditional influences are Brudvir, which culturally still dominate county life. However, as the county lies on key trade routes, there are also influences from further inland and also from across the seas, which increases the diversity of culture within the county. This can be particularly seen in the port city of Skollshaven, where the melting pot of traditional Brudvir culture and outside influences creates interesting stories.


The dominant religion is Faedin, with a particular importance given to the caretaker status of local resources, in particular respect for the animals which support life in the county. Wood carvings and totems are a common sight adorning the main roads of the county, and also decorating some of the more lavish buildings. The lawfulness and benevolence prevailing in the county helps to foster a mutual respect for the many Virtori followers who also reside or travel through Eastmarch.



Drem Vahlok - Capital Delving, Mining, Mayor: Thomas FarristerSköllshaven - Seaside City, Trade, Mayor: Aedyn Wolfgar
Drem Falco - Town Delving, Pottery, Mayor: Klaatuu Baratta
Drem Sachsenstätt - Town Delving, Logging, Mayor: Mystis von Sachsen
Kaladym - Town Delving, Stone Quarry
Tincnath - Village, Mining, Mayor: Levi
Greyfarm - Village, Fishing
Väl Reach - Hamlet, Production, Mayor: Riji Välhelm
Wirt's Shire - Hamlet, Fishing
Phoenixwatch - Hamlet Delving, Pottery

Leadership and Organisation

Overall responsibility for Eastmarch County sits with the Count (Brudvir: Bruégot) Thomas Farrister, supported by the Viscount Aedyn Wölfgar who speaks with the authority of the Bruégot. In keeping with Brudvir traditions, family is critically important, and Eastmarch follows hereditary succession.

The leadership of the county is run by a Comital Court, comprised of:

  • the Count (incumbent Thomas Farrister)
  • the Viscount (incumbent Aedyn Wölfgar)
  • the Mayors and Barons of registered settlements
  • the Sheriff 
  • the Lord Lieutenant 
  • the Ambassador

Representation on county matters for interested parties is via any of the Comital Court members, ordinarily inherited via the representing mayor. 

The office of the Sheriff is responsible for the administration of justice across the county and maintaining a high degree of lawfulness. Where the position is held by somebody other than a mayor, Baron, or Count, the position would include a modest salary for time spent in role. The role will also have strong links into the duchy who co-ordinate many justice matters.

The office of the Lord Lieutenant is responsible for identifying any unauthorised tenants or squatters in county boundaries and appropriately handling the situation in line with adverse possession rules. Where the position is held by somebody other than a mayor, Baron, or Count, the position would include a modest salary for time spent in role.

The office of the Ambassador is responsible for external relations, both within the Kingdom and more broadly. In particular, the Ambassador is charged with developing trade relations and where the position is held by somebody other than a mayor, Baron, or Count, the position would include a performance based salary to reward income brought to county residents.

The county seat is located in Drem Vahlok.

Tax Policy

Taxes will be set at a county level to be the minimum possible to cover:

  • Meeting taxes due for Kingdom and Duchy
  • Leadership roles outlined above (where not filled by a Count or Mayor)
  • Infrastructure maintenance and development
  • Additional Defence/Security/Law Enforcement (surplus to that provided by Duchy)


County Opportunities

Many opportunities will exist in the individual settlements, guilds, schools, and organisations within the county. Only county level opportunities are detailed here, with other opportunities forming part of the relevant section.


The roles of Sheriff, Lord Lieutenant, and Ambassador (discussed above in Leadership and Organisation) are currently unfilled and available for application. 


Additionally, there are opportunities for aspiring mayors or Barons who look to lead sustainable villages. The economic model of the county will be based on manor sized villages, responsible for managing local forest resources in a sustainable fashion, which may include hunting, forestry, carpentry and leatherworking. The smaller nature of these settlements meets the nature of Brudvir traditions and the scarcity of food, making careful management of natural resources a key priority for the county. Due to the more modest size of the settlements, it may be possible to support aspiring leaders who look to achieve their mayoral title over the course of events, as well as players who currently own aristocratic packages.

In particular, Barons will be expected to have strong links to the duchy, forming part of a co-ordinated military on a wider scale.