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About Asbrekka

Asbrekka is a county in the Rhynelands Duchy of Vornair. The county capital is Dafnaborg, which is a cultural and entertainment hub. Tourism is a vital part of our community and is facilitated through events, competitions, attractions, and market. While the county is currently set up as a Brudvir county, we will not know what biome / tribe we have until domain selection.


[County Capital] Dafnaborg (Count Corialli) - Are you a travelling merchant looking to do business? A weary traveler, looking for a comfortable place to rest on your journey? Looking for an arena to test your combat prowess? This and so much more awaits you in Dafnaborg.

Nogrborg (Mayor Helenda) - Our duty is to provide the underlying support for our County and Kingdom. We hope to not only focus on our production value, but also on our own value. We will have a large Great Hall for gathering and travelers, a large Tavern with flowing ale and serving wenches, and an Inn with rooms for secure rest or conversations. Even our warriors will have the opportunity to show off their skills in the tournaments in the capital.

Skeggstad (Mayor Skallagrim) - Settlement description coming soon.

Available Settlement - This is an available settlement for any mayors willing to pledge themselves to the county.

County Officials

Chancellor (Helenda) (County Cabinet member who is responsible for advising the Count on matters concerning foreign affairs and diplomacy)

Gaeslameister (Connor Kelly) (Advises the Count on matters concerning the security of the county and responsible for enforcing county law)

Bokhaldari (Kensgold Velicia) (Advises the Count about matters concerning county economy, treasury, and business)

Jardhaldari (Hattori Hanzo) (Advises the count about matters concerning the availability of natural resources in the county)

Tengir (Ulric Eyolf) (Advises the Count about matters concerning the affairs and well being of the county citizens)

Ritari (Myrkir) (Responsible for recording the history of the county and maintaining culture)

Veisla (Vacant) (Responsible for coordinating county feasts, banquets, competitions, and other events)

What are we looking for?

We are looking for hardworking, adaptable, community oriented, law abiding and loyal citizens. We welcome anyone who fits this description, and would like to call Asbrekka home. With that said, the foundation of any thriving county is built on the backs of farmers, laborers and artisans. We also welcome adventurers and skilled combatants, as there will be several competitions, feasts, and plenty of ale. Merchants who want to take advantage of the tourism to our settlement will be welcome to call Ardonia home as well.

All citizens of Asbrekka must pledge loyalty to the Mayor, Count, Duke, and King who reign over the realm. Registration with the Kingdom website is required as is use of the settlement Discord. Use of Duchy and Kingdom Discord is at the discretion of the Duke and King.