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Wiki Rules and Guidelines

Vornair Chronicles and writing lore

The Vornair Chronicles (Vornair Wiki) is available for registered citizens of Vornair as well as visitors to read and write information regarding the Kingdom of Vornair and Chronicles of Elyria in a lore friendly and in-character/in-game or factual way. For now however, the editing and article creation rights of most sections are limited to website moderators.

"We will be waiting until domain selection before we let people to add their County, Barony & Settlement lore on the new wiki. This is because we are currently writing and focusing on Kingdom and Duchy level lore and a lot of micro (county, barony, settlement) lore is determined by your surrounding macro (Duchy) lore: who you're pledged to and what's the lore of your Duchy, what tribe and biome you're in, what's the landscape of the local area, etc. Those can change individual's story so much that we thought better to wait for the domain selection before encouraging the Counts, Barons, Mayors, etc. to write lore of their own, especially when any of those can still change. It would be extremely difficult for the wiki moderators to enforce that people updated their articles to respond results of the selection.

  We won't deny you from writing and coming up with ideas and sharing them in your own channels but we don't intend to set anything in stone below Duchy level before domain selection. If you do plan ahead, consider the possible variables listed above so you don't have to re-write everything come domain selection - details can and will change." - Fyradeen, Vorsir, 11/2017


Chronicles Sections

Currently article creation for vassals is limited to the "Creative Works" section.

  • Creative Works: Section to post your original CoE related Music & poems, Artwork and Stories. Currently available for expansion!
  • Timeline: Vornair's/Elyria's Timeline of important events. To be considered canon.
  • Tome: Section for official Kingdom lore articles. To be considered canon.


Formatting and moderation

To upkeep the coherent outlook of the Vornair Chronicles you are advised to use the following formatting. Moderators are permitted (although not required) to edit articles into the preferred format:

  Font: Verdana

  Text size: 24pt/18pt for the main headline, 14pt/12pt for subheadings, 10pt for main text.

  Justify paragraph text.

  Normal text type can be ‘Span’ or similar.


The Chronicles is moderated as a Red Category according to the Vornair moderation policy.

The Chronicles will be moderated by a wiki moderator team whose members have been approved by Chief Chronicler, Vorsir or the King. Moderators will confirm that the articles provided for the Wiki are acceptable for publishing. They have the right to remove or edit content (pictures, links, text, articles) that violate Vornair Moderation Policy or the Wiki Rules. Moderators are also permitted to edit an article’s formatting to the preferred format, fix spelling and handle lore disagreement cases.

In later iterations of the Wiki moderators may additionally add corrections to false articles and paragraphs. They may also add and update relevant content to outdated articles, and relocate articles to appropriate sections. They may have rights to other unmentioned wiki functions.

Initially other than wiki moderators, web developers and the author of an article cannot edit an individual article. Later on a function may be added for the author to share editing rights of their article.



The following section explains the planned expansion of the wiki that'll ideally come out some time after the domain selection and eventual website update but before the Exposition. Everything in this section is subject to change, although lore writing guidelines still apply.

Writing Original lore on the Wiki (for upcoming Clans & Lands of Vornair sections)

Planned sections for the future Wiki expansion:
  • Clans of Vornair: Information on the Clans of Vornair from lore standpoint with the following sub-sections:
    • High Clans (Monarchs)
    • Great Clans (Dukes)
    • Major Clans (Counts)
    • Minor Clans (Barons & Mayors)
    • Clans (Vassal)
  • Lands of Vornair: Information on the lands of Vornair with the following sub-sections. Similar to the Vornair Directory but consists of lore and actual in-game information.
    • Duchies
      • [Duchy Name]
        • Counties
        • Baronies
        • Settlements
        • Organizations (determine Duchy by headquarters)
  • Game Guides: Game guides that’ll focus on certain aspects of living/crafting/surviving in Vornair may be written in an informative way in this section. Articles do not need to be written in-character and may contain meta knowledge. This section will be added by Exposition.

How to write an article

The Chronicles is to be recorded in an in-game way, to clarify, view the Wiki as a “tome of knowledge” that would be read by a character in the world of Chronicles of Elyria. Still, a Wiki article in the Clans or Lands of Vornair sections is to be written in an article format common for online wikies.

Edit: Further article writing guidelines have been removed until article writing has been established.


Vornair’s lore writing guidelines

When creating original lore (aka history that’s not [yet] supported by in-game facts) for Clans, Locations, etc., keep in mind to do so only in a “local” scale. Official Kingdom and Duchy lore is written and approved separately on a higher level by appropriate people, including SbS staff. Therefore, writing your own lore in a local scale is recommended so that it doesn’t contradict the official higher-level lore or lore of the surrounding lands. Thus it is suggested to start writing lore in detail only after domain selection and lore updates from the kingdom and your duchy. Keep in mind when writing:

    • Think whether what you’re writing fits into the setting it’s located in. (Tribe, biome, kingdom/duchy history, etc.)
    • If mentioning other places or characters in a very specific way, do so in a way that they would agree with. Asking for permission to use other people's characters/locations is recommended. (E.g. If you’re a Baron, do not write that your father killed the local Count’s father unless you two have agreed upon it.)
    • Make it clear whether the piece of lore is fact (e.g. actual County information) or fiction (local myth or legend). This is further explained below.

Chronicles of Elyria is supposed to be quite low fantasy at launch. Magic and the influence of gods as we usually see them in high fantasy are supposed to have left Elyria thousands of years ago at the end of the First Age (see The Burning). The passage of time, lack of writing things down, and the ignorance of science have created most of the magical stories and exaggerated legends. When writing an article, please make the separation of facts and legends clear. For example:

  • Your settlement being located next to a gargantuan boulder may be a fact, but your ancestor having thrown that boulder three counties over is clearly a made-up story. Address it as such.
  • Your Clan’s ancestor having been a great warrior or sage may have been a fact, but them having been a dragon slayer or having had magical powers is a family legend.


Lore writing guidelines given by Soulbound Studios (initially intended for kingdom-level lore)

  • The Kingdom of Vornair was formed in the year 698 of the 4th Age after the 20-year-long War of Many Banners. Kingdoms of Elyria begins in the year 749, Exposition in 805, and the launch of Chronicles of Elyria takes place in the year 817.
  • SbS would prefer people to stay in the time period after year 500 4A but aren’t completely opposed to people going further back. If you do, then keep in mind that less is known in accuracy and things start to go murkier the further back you go.
  • SbS specifically doesn’t want people to go back before the beginning of the 4th Age. Even within 4th Age be mindful of how far you go back. SbS needs room to integrate their own events as well.


Lore Disagreement Cases

If a person hierarchically above the lore-writer finds a crucial part of original lore in an article addressed as a fact disagreeable within their lands, and that part concerns them, they have the right to ask the writer to change it. The same goes for anyone’s own character/clan/location specifically mentioned in the original lore that doesn’t approve of their role in it.

If the writer doesn’t comply then the higher-tier land owner or mentioned person may complain to the Wiki manager team, which will reconcile the case for either one’s benefit. This system applies from a Vassal to the King.



The Wiki rules and guidelines are subject to change.


Contact Chief Chronicler Twistish or editor Fyradeen on Discord for questions.