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The Kingdom of Vornair is the Chronicles of Elyria chapter of the Vornair Gaming Community. Our Kingdom has set itself to be a place where, regardless of their playstyles, our community members will support one another and be supported by one another. Within the world of Elyria, based on the North American East server, the Kingdom of Vornair will play home to our diverse community of gamers. Vornair will be the arena in which we pit ourselves against other communities who stand up in our domains as competitors. Whether we win or lose we will walk away with a full community of support  and we will back those in our community who continue to push forward. Chronicles of Elyria poses to be a world set for its players to get lost in. Our objective is to ensure our members are able to enjoy the full potential of this game with the support structure, organization, and freedom needed to be successful. Regardless of if you want to be a simple blacksmith, soldier, or run a noble house, there will always be something for you to do both in Chronicles of Elyria and in our community. You are welcome to join our discord by clicking the link below. 

Community Spotlight

One of our community members Hinata has been hard at work with the recruitment fair. 

Below each week will be posted the result of those efforts in the order they were submitted to Youtube. Enjoy!

Kingdom Spotlight

This was made at the behest of Duke Nimb Zephyr who won the Raiders of the Lost Vault event for NA-E and is now the proud owner of the Sunstone!


The Kingdom of Vornair stood up as a group of similarly minded individuals from diverse walks of life coming together with a mutual interest in Chronicles of Elyria. Our group started with a few dukes: Duchess Aleerayn, Duke Balen, King Adam, and Duchess Sunday Verdonne, coming together to build a vision for how a group would best run for the upcoming title being created by Soulbound Studios. They spent countless hours in discord together, building up their relationships and understanding of one another and building up an alignment on what they believed were systems that could work well, given the mechanics and scope of the game. Once they had a system worked out and an overarching branding/vision they launched the Kingdom of Vornair both in discord and on the CoE forums. The community has grown significantly since that day, June 28th, 2016, both in number and in maturation and scope. Our leadership team rounded out with additional personalities in each one of the Dukes and Council members that have come and some gone, and with the relationships being built all across our group it was clear this was no longer a gaming group built simply for Chronicles of Elyria. We had developed into a full community of gamers. I use the phrase "Community of Gamers" for a reason, gaming community suggests this is a group of people who game together. That is not who we are. We are a group of diverse people who choose to support one another and be supported by one another whether it relates to in-game or out of game issues who happen to also play games. Therefore a community of gamers, rather than a gaming community. Our transition to a community of gamers from a group planning on playing Chronicles of Elyria together came naturally and has caused a wealth of positive maturation and change across our community. Though this community is young it brings with it a wealth of experience across all of the various leaders in each of the various sub-communities that make up the whole of Vornair. This experience and the open, honest communication that we foster across our group is what has and will continue to make us successful. We empower each and every member of our community to bring whatever they wish to bring to the table to bear, we encourage direct group conversations about what issues are seen and how can we do things better. Our leadership team exists for the sole purpose of supporting and enabling our community members to be successful. From in-game support, to be that person you vent to, ask for advice from, or invite to your wedding. The culmination of each of our members, supporting each and every other member of our community.

That is who we are.



The Kingdom of Vornair will be an NA-East combination of 2 Kingdoms based on honor. Vornair itself loosely translates into “Defense of Honor”. Honor is neither good nor evil. We understand the need for both good and evil to exist in the world, as without one, the other will lead to total destruction. Vornair is not altruistic itself, we will do what is right for our Kingdom and its people. We serve the interests of Vornair, at times that may mean that we help our neighbors, at others it may mean we harm them. It ultimately comes down to what is best for the Kingdom of Vornair overall.

Our Kingdom will begin KoE / the Elyria MUD having only recently formed (about 10 years ago). Prior to the forming, we were a smattering of tribes and clans who were only loosely affiliated. As the greater nations and Kingdoms started forming, some of our tribes and clans started losing lands from these larger, more organized forces. In the interest of protecting our lands and our people, the tribes came together to push the invaders back.

The rallying clan, the Rhyne Clan, led the most victories against these invaders by far. Utilizing their wit, ingenuity, and advantage of knowing their lands, the clans were able to rout the invaders and secure their borders. With the invaders pushed out and their lands secure, the tribes continued to look to the Rhyne clan for leadership and guidance. Their honor, dedicated leadership, and humbleness led the tribes to naturally fall in line under the leadership of Clan Rhyne. It wasn't long before they formalized their Kingdom and selected Clan Rhyne's leaders, Duchess Jordyn Rhyne and Duke Beinir Haert, as the first Queen and King of Vornair.

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Blood Moon

In this life, action is better than inaction - Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play - Captain James Tiberius Kirk


Long ago, as legends are told, back when The Anemoi was still in it's infancy under the newly appointed Duke. The Longest Night held its grip over the land for the first time since it's founding, and much was still in that dark, bitter cold wilderness. All save a group of weary travelers, each bearing torches and traversing the land in search of a home they could call their own, as promised to them by the Duke of The Anemoi.

The torches offered little light and no relief from the cold, after a time of travel and searching, the youngest among them had begun to succumb to the cold much to the grief of their mothers. Others who couldn't keep up the pace fell prey to the predators who lingered just outside their torchlight.

After two days of traveling, with morale sunken, Dronem was forced to travel alone as the group he led chose instead to make camp and huddle together by the campfire for warmth. Hoping to survive until home was found, or word could be sent to the Duke for rescue. Dronem became lost once their fire was out of sight, and the cold nipped at his consciousness, egging him into eternal sleep. The moon glistened above him, beckoning from behind a veil of clouds. It's silvery iridescent light whispering to him as he drifted on still-moving legs. With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, Dronem chose to follow the moon for several hours through a dark forest covered in shadow, with only his dimming torchlight to guide him.

The moon led him up a steep hill. Cresting it, panting and heaving for breath, the forest thinned just as the moon peered from behind its shadowy veil. To Dronem's horror, the moon which had guided him was dyed red as if bathed in the blood of those who perished that night. Below its eerie knife-like reddish-silver light was revealed fertile land bathed in red, ripe for settlement. The lakes and rivers awash in a bright glow of crimson. And for just a moment, a voice was heard. A primal ancient voice, setting his hair on end, whispered on the chill wind that the blood price had been paid for his wish to be granted.

Dronem plunged his torch into the ground as a sinking feeling ached in his gut, tearing his eyes away from the sight and hoping the last of it's light would linger. He had to find his people. Now. He scraped his foot along the ground in intervals as he ran making a poor path to guide them all back to where their new home awaited.

This trail-making was slow and when he finally found his people, their fire had long since burned out, leaving only cold ashes and death. Many had succumbed to the cold; too many, but not all. Of the thirty hopeful that had sought a new home, only five escaped with their lives. Barely. And instead of rejoicing upon finding their forever home, they felt as if they had sacrificed their friends and loved ones for this new paradise. A fool's errand. And so, the name Blood Moon stuck when Dronem told his people of the moon bathed in blood awaiting him at the crest of the hill. But the ancient voice he heard that night was a secret Dronem would never share with his people. It had either been a figment of a chill-addled mind, or something much more sinister that did not bode well. Either way, it was something best taken to the grave.

About your Count

Count Dronem has pledged Blood Moon County to The Anemoi Duchy and he has sworn his oath to Duke Nimb Zephyr XII who is a sworn protector of The Stone. The folks in The Anemoi Duchy are deeply involved in the Chronicles of Elyria as witnessed by their visible presence during The Searing Plague.

If this line is familiar, “You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building, around you is a forest.” then you know that I started playing games with the classic Colossal Cave Adventure. That game was played on a Wang VS-100 dumb terminal after which I moved on to a TRS-80, to a Sinclair ZX80, to Commodore 64, Amiga 1000, Amiga 2000, Amiga 3000, then sadly I bowed to the inevitable and lowered my expectations and horizon to a never-ending line of MSDOS, then IBM compatible, and then self-made PCs. I now play World of Tanks, Eve Online, Star Citizen, and Chronicles of Elyria…….soon!

I happened upon Chronicles of Elyria on Kickstarter and the audacity of the developers and their vision captured my interest. It seemed to me that this was a game created by gamers for gamers. The contract system was unique and the idea that you grow old and die and therefore have to consider generational issues is wonderfully engrossing - MEOW anyone?

Whom do we seek?

The Anemoi is a great Duchy for those looking for mountains, forests and lakes - within this strong Duchy, the County of Blood Moon leans into the future through the hard work of industrious citizens who enjoy broad vision and zero drama.

We believe that by creating a proper environment for fun and growth we will attract like-minded citizens who seek to be surrounded by adventure and a warm community. Think of the embrace of Evening Shade not the chaos of Napoli.

We have a few organizations which plan to have HQS or Sects within Blood Moon County.

Why should you join us?

Just that - us. We are not them, we are us. Them is strange and hard and unfamiliar, us is warm and friendly and fun. Us is home. Duke Nimb Zephyr XII has stated, “Each member of the Duchy is part of our community and is treated like family. We stick up for our own and hunt down those who would harm or wrong anyone within our community.” Hear! Hear!

I didn’t get a harumpf outta that guy!

Join us on Discord

Simply Click to Join Discord. and the Count will be with you shortly.